25 graphic design resources everyone needs to know about

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25 graphic design resources everyone needs to know about

Tons of graphic design resources and tools that can help you be even more creative are right at your fingertips. Looking for vectors? Or stock images? How about trendy, unique fonts? Or maybe a little bit of inspiration? It’s all within reach—especially if you know where to go.

Save some time and needless web wandering with this guide to the best graphic design resources and tools for designers and enthusiasts alike. Whatever your project, you’ll find the resources you need.

Image resources

Nothing is more eye-catching and attention-grabbing than a great visual. From stock images to icons to vector graphics, images bring texture, action, and energy to any design. If you’re looking for gorgeous visuals, take a look at these resources.

Resources for photos


Head to Unsplash for creative and beautiful stock photography shot and selected by a collective of photographers. Download, modify and distribute the photos for free.

Pricing: Free | Visit unsplash.com


Pexels is a go-to for high quality stock images

The aim of Pexels is to provide high-quality photos and videos for free in order to promote better designs for all. Their treasure trove of incredible imagery is endless.

Pricing: Free | Visit pexels.com


Offset has authentic imagery by award-winning artists

Royalty-free but paid images created by artists and used by the likes of magazines and large corporations. You can find anything from food photography to scenic landscapes.

Pricing: Starts at $249 for small images | Visit offset.com

Resources for illustrations


Drawkit is a rich source of customizable and ready-to-use illustrations

Get print- and digital-ready illustrations for your next project. Drawkit offers a collection of free, paid and customizable vector illustrations, ideal for adapting and adding to any design.

Pricing: Free basic selection, Paid options start at $29 | Visit drawkit.com


Humaaans is a design library of mix-&-match illustrations of people

This is a unique tool created by Pablo Stanley that allows you to customize illustrations of humans in various contexts.

Pricing: Free | Visit humaaans.com


Vexels is an infinite seeming resource for graphics

High-quality vector graphics come in all shorts of shapes, sizes and styles. Looking for that perfect minimalist masterpiece? Vexel’s got it. Or how about something super complex? They’ve got it. Looking for a 100% custom piece? Well, Vexels has that too.

Pricing: Starts at $7.50/month for freelancers | Visit vexels.com

Resources for icons

The Noun Project

The Noun Project is there for all your icon needs

Check out this rich resource of icons sourced from all over the world, built with the aim of creating a visual language for everyone. Icons from The Noun Project are always royalty-free, but require attribution unless you sign up for a paid NounPro account.

Pricing: Free basic account, NounPro for $39.99/year | Visit thenounproject.com


Flaticon offers millions of free icons, literally.

The Flaticon platform has 2 million icons and counting—all for free with required attribution.

Pricing: Free | Visit flaticon.com

Inspiration resources

Think of inspiration like creative guidance. To find your design voice, you often need to search for it. By seeing designs that work well, surprise us and even move us, we can see new ways of delivering that with our own creations. Having access to plenty of designs is a vital part of the design process. And what’s wonderful about today’s graphic design inspiration is that you can get very, very specific to find exactly what you’re looking for.

99designs Discover

Take a look at logos and more by top designers

Our Discover page is a great resource for browsing logos, brand identity packs, icons, illustrations and more created by professional designers from all over the world.

Free inspiration | Visit 99designs.com/discover


Behance is a diverse resource for creative inspiration

For creative inspiration of all kinds, go straight to Adobe’s online design platform. You’ll be able to discover all sorts of designs and share your own.

Free inspiration | Visit behance.net


An appropriately self-proclaimed “inspiration resource”

Httpster is a regularly curated collection of beautiful website inspiration that you can click through and explore. Oh, and it’s also free.

Free inspiration | Visit httpster.com

Adobe Color

Interactive and exemplary color inspiration by Adobe

Adobe Color makes it easy to explore current color trends, develop palettes from your favorite images and save your favorite color schemes to Adobe apps.

Pricing: Free | Visit color.adobe.com


A beautiful dive into the world of type

Curious about what’s trending in type? Visit Typewolf for a collection of lookbooks, recommendations, blog posts and typography guides filed with fonts to inspire your next design.

Pricing: Free | Visit typewolf.com


Niice is an inspiration platform for design teams

Think of this like Pinterest for designers. Niice is an easy-to-use platform dedicated to providing inspiration for design teams. Use this tool to showcase collective ideas and make it easy to collect feedback and input.

Pricing: Free basic account, Unlimited pro accounts start at $99/month | Visit niice.co

Typography resources

Font Squirrel

Meet the self-proclaimed “free font utopia.” On top of being an incredible source of fonts, Font Squirrel has nifty tools such as font generator and font identifier.

Pricing: Free | Visit fontsquirrel.com

Lost Type

Lost Type is a great place to look for your brand typeface

Lost Type is rich resource where you can try out and purchase contemporary typefaces created by the hottest type designers.

Pricing: Pay-what-you-want for personal use, Commercial use starts at $25 | Visit losttype.com

Editing tools and resources

Every design project requires editing. Whether you’re resizing images, cropping photos, adjusting color, or creating mockups for clients, there is a handy web tool out there that’s right for you.

Image editing tools

Adobe Online Photo Editing

Adobe offers various options for online image editing

Probably the most well-known image editing tool, Adobe Photoshop has become synonymous with graphic design. And now, you can use its powerful, cloud-based imaging tools right in your browser or smartphone, wherever you are and whenever inspiration strikes.

Pricing: Starts at $9.99/month | Visit adobe.com


GIMP is a free and open-source image editor with all the image manipulating tools a graphic designer, photographer or illustrator could need. And, that’s right, we said free.

Pricing: Free | Visit gimp.org


Retouch, filter, adjust and even draw on your photos right in your browser or mobile device with Pixlr. The basic version is free, but the paid PixlrPro account gives you more templates, fonts, and browser compatibility.

Pricing: Free basic account, PixlrPro for $5/month | Visit pixlr.com

Mockup tools


A great resource of graphic design templates

With both premium and free options and a solid inventory of high quality templates, Pixeden is your one-stop tool for mockups. Take your pick of objects, backgrounds, textures and fonts to present brand ideas in a way that does your work justice.

Pricing: Downloadable free templates, Premium files for $6/month | Visit pixeden.com


A place to create and share mockup images

Try this web-based app to mockup images for app or website design. Shotsnapp is incredibly easy and straightforward to use for all of your digital projects.

Pricing: Free basic functionality, Pro start at $36/year | Visit shotsnapp.com

Screenshot tools


Screenshot tool that’s great for team work

Collabshot’s free desktop app makes it quick and easy to selectively capture, edit and instantly share screencaps and screenshots.

Pricing: Free | Visit collabshot.com

Tutorials and classes

99designs Blog

You’ll always find in-depth guides, tutorials, resources and more to expand and refresh your design skills. Discover everything from history of international design movements to the principles of brand identity.

Pricing: Always free | Visit 99designs.com


Pick and improve any skill on Skillshare

Skillshare has an extensive amount of classes to uplevel your design skills or inspire you to try new things. Maybe you always wanted to take a shot at book cover design, but were intimidated. Learning about a craft has never been this easy and accessible.

Pricing: Free, Premium starts at $36 for 3 months | Visit skillshare.com

Better graphic design resources = better design

Having instant access to great graphic design resources only makes room for even better designs and more creativity. We hope that this guide fills your head with inspiration and gives you the opportunity to work faster and more efficiently.

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