8 Canned Response Tools to Help Productivity and Customer Service

Lillian Fletcher

Customer support executives need to answer hundreds of queries every day. Canned response apps can make their job quick and easy.

Many of the queries the support team receives daily are similar. Manually typing the answers to these questions is a counter-productive task. But, users can generate predefined answers to the commonly asked questions and store them in canned response tools for instant use.

Let us explore more about the canned response, including their benefits and top tools that offer this service.

What Is a Canned Response?

Many people confuse canned response with auto-response. While auto-responses are robotic and impersonal, canned responses are descriptive and personalized.

These are predetermined replies to commonly asked queries. Canned responses are always helpful and customized, so it does not sound machine-generated to the customers.

How Do Canned Responses Work With Your Company FAQ/ Wiki?

Canned responses and company Wiki, FAQs, and troubleshooting knowledge base should be in sync. There should be an automated system to inject specific troubleshooting steps or general information in a placeholder within the canned response.

If you do not use text placeholders, the canned responses will pile up. It will be difficult for customer service agents to handle such a long list of canned responses. To resolve this issue, some scripted verbiage services or tools come up with syntaxes. 

When a support staff enters certain shortcodes or syntaxes in an email or chat console, the tool automatically creates the script. The tool also pulls support information from a company knowledge base, FAQ, or Wiki.

Linking the canned responses tool with the company knowledge base also helps you feed updated walkthroughs or troubleshooting steps. Otherwise, you will need to manually update all the support scripts.

Benefits of Using Canned Responses

#1. Saves Time

A canned response ensures that you do not have to type answers to the frequently asked questions. As customer support executives can quickly answer the common queries with these responses, they can focus on more productive tasks in the saved time. 

#2. Seamless Management

Customer service providers can easily manage a large number of customers with the help of canned response apps. If you work for an internet service provider, the price of available packages is a question you might be getting frequently.

Instead of replying to everyone with the same answer by typing, you can easily do this job by pasting the canned response in the chat window.

#3. Satisfying Customers

Customers want an instant resolution to their problems. If there is a delay in responding, you may lose them to your competitors. Using canned responses, you can reply to their questions and make sure they stay loyal to your company. 

#4. Increase the Conversation Rate 

Canned responses also help you convert a lead into a customer by answering their queries quickly and successfully. Sometimes, a potential customer asks some unique question, and the support staff has a lot on their plate.

In that situation, they can reply to the easy questions with the canned responses and use the time to answer the unique query. Thus, you can convert that lead into a customer and improve your conversion rate.  

Here are some of the best canned response apps.


Repetitive typing can be frustrating and tedious for customer support staff. Typedesk is a simple platform that helps them get rid of this by letting them create and manage consistent canned responses.

Additionally, this multi-lingual tool can be integrated with all the websites and apps your company uses, including Chrome, Gmail, Facebook, Slack, Zendesk, and Linkedin.

If you choose to use typedesk, your team will get the power to reply to the customer queries consistently. As a result, the clients and leads will get an improved experience while contacting your support desk.

This tool also comes with the Team Folders feature that lets you instantly share and sync all the canned responses with every team member. Moreover, support executives can make every canned response unique using variables.


The purpose of customer service is to answer customer queries, and Freshdesk allows you to do it seamlessly. You can engage with the customers in a meaningful conversation across different channels using this canned response app.

This omnichannel suite offers a complete support solution that focuses on delivering outstanding customer service quickly. It proactively understands the customers’ requirements and replies to them with the most intuitive support.

As you need to perform fewer repetitive tasks, you save time and invest it into something more fruitful. This unified platform provides the knowledge base and workflow automation to address customer inquiries quickly. 

Using Freshdesk, you can also connect with the customers through their preferred channel of communication and seamlessly change the mode at any point in time.

Social Intents

Are you tired of switching between multiple messaging and chat tools? Then, it is time to use Social Intents, one of the finest canned response apps. Using this solution, you can chat with your site visitors straight from the collaboration app you already use as a team.

The live chat software is a popular app that works on Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Webex. As you do not have to leave the existing app, you can instantly respond to inquiries and make the customers satisfied. 

Social Intent lets you use canned responses to help the customers with quick response times and build customer relationships. Its proactive live chat triggers are also helpful in engaging website visitors. Moreover, the app supports collaboration with all the team members to solve customers’ problems.


HappyFox is an all-in-one help desk ticketing system for quicker and better customer support. It helps you reduce chaos and organize your support process with features like a powerful support ticket system and a self-service knowledge base. 

You can respond faster to common and frequent queries using its canned support tool. Apart from adding response templates, this app performs ticket actions such as changing status and adding tags.

When you are about to reply to a ticket, all the available canned actions will be visible to you. Also, it is possible to search for particular canned actions and then apply them. This platform supports creating canned actions specific to a team as well.

HappyFox also supports integration with numerous business apps, including MS Teams, WhatsApp, Salesforce, Wrike, Asana, Slack, Facebook, Jira, Shopify, Adobe Commerce, Zapier, and Twitter.


Modern-day business scenarios require companies to connect with the customers and lead instantly. Crisp is a multichannel messaging platform that lets you do so. It consists of a list of sophisticated tools using which you can achieve customer-driven revolution for your company and unlock hypergrowth through conversations with them.

This platform comes with a feature named Shared Inbox. It centralizes your conversations from various channels, such as email, messenger, SMS, live chat, and Twitter DM. Hence, it becomes feasible to provide the best customer service through effortless collaboration.

Crisp also supports a central hub for a knowledge base. You can combine it with chatbots and live chats to enhance customer experience with real-time responses.


UseResponse is a multichannel customer support software that significantly reduces response time and enhances customer experience. The platform is a completely scalable and customizable suite that aims to help your support team.

Using this tool, you can effortlessly manage more than 10 support channels such as email, live chat, messenger, community forums, and social media. Its automated notification and query assignment make the task easier for all the customer support executives.

Additionally, UseResponse provides you with advanced analytics and reports regarding your customer support process performance. With a staff rating tracker and SLA, the tool can offer better customer service. Moreover, users can integrate this app with other tools, such as Google, Salesforce, Jira, and Zapier. 


Are you tired of searching through docs and drives to find the right response at the appropriate time? Use Klutch to store all the quick replies and guides in a single company knowledge base.

Now, you do not need to spend time searching for the appropriate replies or type the same answers for repetitive questions. Access the suitable canned responses from any device and reply with that.

You can even write an email in one click to your customers. Also, this platform allows you to store frequently-used snippets and links. Users can access this tool from the desktop app, Chrome, Edge, and any mobile device.


EngageBay can supply you with the best canned responses that are useful for customer services like help desk and emails. Especially when you get hundreds of similar service questions, these canned replies can save your time and help you sell more.

Thus, your customer service will see a boost and become more productive by selling more products in less time. 

For better customer connection, you can also try the quick personalization tools. The personalization features will make the canned responses sound like some freshly-typed and personalized responses.

To enhance business efficiency, EngageBay promotes automation features. Simply define the conditions of customer queries, and the tool will respond with personalized, canned responses.

You do not have to be a tech-savvy person to use this tool due to its intuitive shortcuts and icons. Furthermore, users can write any reply and mark it readily as canned for later use. 


When there is a high volume of queries, canned response apps can provide you with the easiest solutions. Besides responding quickly, these apps make your support team productive and convert more leads.