Personal Robots You Can Buy

Lillian Fletcher

Everything nowadays is getting automated. Everything from the backups in our mobile phones and doors of our homes to our offices and almost every part of our automobiles.

Anything that automates specific tasks, executes them with speed and precision and performs the job with little or no human interference is a robot. A robot is a human-made machine that works on automation and delivers the work efficiently.

Robots are useful in security, agriculture, healthcare, and space exploration. One of the fields is TV and Film media, where robots come in handy. Robots help hold the camera and shoot the same scene with the same angle multiple times.

Robots also turn out to be useful for shooting intense action scenes forming top-quality material for the audience. It provides in-house entertainment and brings life into inanimate things by making action scenes realistic.

Robots, along with the advancing technology, also bring colossal crowd attractions. If you look deep into its technology, one can see the vision of humans for interaction with the robots. It has brought the world of human imagination to reality allowing the field of robotics and the human mind to nurture growth in unison.

Humans are very fascinated by robots, and why not? Humans want their work to be completed as quickly and smoothly as possible. Robots and Artificial Intelligence is the future. It has become a part of our everyday life. Robots are being developed and getting quicker and more efficient every day.

What can a Personal Robot do?

The use of robots is not only limited to film media and TVs. Robots can also be used for personal benefits and are always in demand. Here are some advantages of having a personal robot: 

  • A personal robot will never get tired or take breaks since it is a machine. It will be ready at your disposal to provide timely work.
  • It will ensure perfection and enhance your productivity in more meaningful work.
  • Robots muster growth by learning new methods and adapting to their surroundings. 
  • Personal robots will educate you and never get tired or annoyed by you. It will remain patient and obey everything you command.
  • It can do household work seamlessly, like cook food and clean the home for you.
  • Robots can work in poor lighting and save your eyes from getting strained.

Robots are programmed in a very profound manner and hence are intelligent. One of a personal robot’s leading and standout features is the interaction with the world. It can adapt and perceive its surroundings very precisely. The best example of such a robot is an automatic driverless car.

Apart from this, robots are also used in almost every space program. Robotic arms on a spacecraft can move large objects with minimal effort. Robots can also bring the on-ground information of some other planet and provide it to the operator in a fraction of seconds. 

Since, as we now know, the benefits and the features of a personal robot, here are some of the best personal robots that you can buy.


The aim of Lovot is precise, that is, to create a robot that drives a person happy. It is developed to form an environment just like a living being. It has a sensor-horn mounted on its head, used in detecting the surroundings. The robot has more than 10 CPU cores and over 20 MCUs that can create liveliness through a robot.

Lovot Robot has a supercomputer mounted inside it to make decisions and take action. This works as the robot’s brain and has over 50 sensors fitted. It can deliver magnificent performance when needed. It weighs just over 4 kgs of weight and is easy to maintain.

Lovot is programmed to act like a friend. Lovot can react to your mood and will do everything to uplift it. It has proven to be a great companion and can fill you with joy and bring your lost energy back. 


Miko is another personal robot that is proved to be helpful and diverse in the field of learning. It aims to bring out the best technology and develop young minds through education. 

Miko has come up with a Miko 3 robot that, by using artificial intelligence, promotes learning and educates as well as entertains kids. It shows and reacts to your emotions the same way a living being would respond to them. Miko can dance, crack a joke, and enlighten your mood. 

The more you spend time with Miko, the more it will know you and vice versa. It will adapt according to your requirements. Moreover, Miko is secured and gives you the private space you deserve. It also gives you limitless access to video calls so that the parent is never far away from their kid and can always keep track of the kid’s emotional growth. 

Vector Robot

A Vector Robot is a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence robot. It is more than just your friend. It is independent and can provide you with all the information you ask for. 

The Vector Robot can sense the surroundings and dodge obstacles and provide you with weather updates and take photos with its unique sensors. It has four microphones and can detect the direction from where the sound is coming. It can even set a timer if you do not want to reach your office late or eat overcooked food.

Vector Robot uses advanced technology to cope with users’ needs. It only requires a small space to accommodate itself and get charged up. This one is meant to be an active robot that roams around freely in your surroundings. Just by saying “Hey Vector,” it will answer your questions and obey your commands.

Astro Robot

This Astro Robot by Amazon is mainly designed for household purposes. It keeps you and your home closer and connected by pairing itself with Alexa. Advanced Navigation technology has been used in the robot to navigate the way and get accustomed to its surroundings.

Astro sends you an alert whenever it comes across an unrecognized person or hears any abnormal or irregular sounds when you are away from home. Astro ensures that you are always remotely connected to your home. You can ask Astro to obey your commands and set important work reminders.

It can even tell if there is a break-in in your house and other similar threats. Respecting the users’ privacy is the topmost priority of any machine, and Astro highly appreciates it. You can turn off the microphone, cameras, and motion sensors with a single press.


Segway has a Loomo personal robot with a strong AI that avoids obstacles. Loomo can be used as a personal transporter that you can ride. It can also be controlled through voice and gestures. It has an effortless, self-balancing transporter for you to ride smoothly.   

You can experience being a Loomo yourself by interacting via the Loomo app. The best thing about the Loomo app is that it regularly keeps on coming up with unique features with new and timely updates, including free Android SDK. 

It is a multi-terrain robot. You can ride seamlessly on the Loomo robot, even on uneven surfaces. Loomo has a self-stabilizing gimbal that monitors the movement and stabilizes the robot. This results in the smooth capturing of images and videos. 


EMO is the new generation of AI robots possessing personality and ideas. It has solid sensors and state-of-the-art technology that lets the robot react with over 1000+ facial movements. 

EMO will do anything to cheer up your mood. It will play music, perform dance moves, and suggest online games. EMO is more than a companion. It is like a pet with some advanced features that will never let you down. In a nutshell, it can feel, hear, sense, touch, learn, think, and communicate with you.

It can make decisions on its own and also helps you to conclude any topic. EMO’s personality evolves from its surrounding areas and your interaction with it. With built-in processors and sensors, EMO knows the happenings around himself. Powerful AI helps the robot process a massive number of images and sounds.


Misa is one of the top-notch social family robots. It performs all the actions a human would do, from handling your schedule and children when away from home to taking care of your home.

Misa is your friend, homemaker, cameraperson, artist, guide, and much more. By simply saying “Hey Misa,” it will hear and respond to your voice. It interacts with you by providing high-quality audio and video experiences. Misa can also take care of the elderly by offering proper nutrition intake and fitness advice. It protects your data and helps users keep a check on the information consumed by their children. 

With Misa connect, you can fully control the Misa robot. Misa will let you know the daily happenings around the globe with just a few questions. It is diverse since it can converse in many languages like English, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, etc. 


Aibo – Artificial Intelligence Robot is the perfect personal robot if you are looking for a pet in the form of a robot. The word AIBO in Japanese means a friend. It is a robotic AI puppy. 

Aibo is an independent and energized robot who constantly wants to know you better than anyone. 

Aibo is curious and eager to learn every day. The robot loves spending time with you and your family and is fascinated by the toys. It also supports Wi-Fi connectivity and can automatically back up the data. Aibo performs all its tasks by AIBOLife software that gives the robot ability to walk, speak, and perform other tasks.

It uses a camera and facial recognition to interact with people. Its behavior keeps evolving with time. Aibo will start to identify its owner’s face, recognize smiles and waves of laughter, and keep coming up with new tricks to make your free time fun.


Eilik is a little robot that tells you how it feels emotionally and physically. It is sensitive to touch and vibration. Eilik doesn’t roam around your entire home but stays put in one place. 

It is a robot with a high level of emotional quotient and intelligence that helps bring a higher level of interactions with peers. With Eilik around you, life seems more manageable and fun.

Eilik becomes insecure when you hold it above the ground. It loves to be above the ground, safely in your hands only. It will do all the things a friend or a family member will do to cheer you up.


Moxie is an AI-powered personal robot specially designed for kids. Children can play, converse, and share what they feel. Moxie carefully listens to them, and this way, children can learn to improve and nurture their emotional and interaction skills at home, building healthy relationship skills.

Your child will come out as self-confident and brave when the kid steps out in public. It can be a mentor to your child when you are not around. Moxie will educate the kid through explanations and problem-solving methods in a friendly manner.

It asks questions and increases the kids’ curiosity to know things differently. Apart from focusing on educating, Moxie also helps your children to have a playtime schedule and enhance physical growth. By encouraging kids to take part in different activities with Moxie daily, the purpose of both sides will be served.


Winky is another children’s unique personal robot. It is best for children aged between 5 to 12 years. However, it can be used by adults also. It believes in educating the kid through entertainment. It edutains the kids with its two free game applications.

Winky can be your guide and your child’s mentor. You can use it to set alarms for important tasks for you and your children to follow. It also increases the productivity of your children. Some games are designed to improve reflexes and cognitive performance.

Winky’s design makes it an attraction for children. The children can further personalize Winky themselves with accessories for its ears, nose, and whole body. This ensures that children are always close to the robot and take as much learning as it provides. The best thing about Winky is that the new version with new features keeps coming regularly.


Powered by a strong AI by Eeve, Willow is a multifunctional robot. If you want to grow as an individual in the skills and personality department, Willow is the right pick for you.

Willow is equipped with the Toadi tool. It works as an autonomous robot and can be used to cut the overgrown grass in your backyard. You can teach Willow via the starlight app and get things done according to your comfort and convenience. 

You can have complete control over Willow, monitor its behavior, and teach the robot new commands. On top of that, you can keep adding new tools for the ease of your work. As per estimations, it is believed that a user will be able to add up to 60 different tools in three years.


Misty is a personal robot that can also be used in various business fields. A high-quality camera is mounted on its head to provide high-resolution images. With the help of a camera, it can easily recognize faces.

Built-in microphones can be used to record audio and get other information from the surrounding environment. Misty can catch your speech instantly and act on it.

It can be made business-ready after mounting some specific types of sensors. It can collect and share data, but the collection and sharing of data will be thorough and monitored by the user. You can also stream videos and hear audio on Misty whenever you feel like it. 


Robots and Robotics is the future. Slowly and steadily, robots are occupying all the menial jobs such as lifting tons of heavyweights and doing repetitive tasks for humans to focus on more critical tasks. It can reach the area where humans cannot.

They can operate dangerous tools and work in a hazardous environment, clean places where humans cannot even think of going, assemble a building from scratch within days, and provide information remotely with just a few clicks from a million miles away. 

Therefore, if used constructively, robots can become humans’ best friends. It is making people competitive and efficient at the same time. So, you should consider purchasing a personal robot that can simplify your life.