Powerful Content Creation Tools to Boost Marketing

Lillian Fletcher

Content creation is at the center of everything humans, AIs, and machines do online. It is the primary time-consuming task for website owners, brands, and digital marketers.

Therefore, we bring you the best content creation tools that you must use for social media content creation or SEO content creation.

The Google search engine alone caters to 5.6 billion search queries a day. Then there are Bing, Yahoo, OneSearch, and many more. Guess what these search engines deliver? Its petabytes of content in several forms like videos, images, texts, and audio.

Keep reading the article to understand content creation and some of the best tools to produce creative content for your target audience.

What Is Content Creation?

Content creation is a workflow of many tasks. First off, you need to identify the trending topic you want to work on. Then, you need to perform in-depth research on the topic to identify key materials for the topic. Now, it is time to create an outline of the content.

Once you have a content structure, it is time to give it its original shape. That could be a video, image, infographic, text, or audio. While crafting the content, you also need to account for the standard Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process.

Quality is an essential consideration for content. You need to focus on creative, unique, and flawless content. Furthermore, the content should have an objective with easily understandable language or visuals which keep audiences occupied.  

Major Content Creation Aspects

#1. The content production aspect should focus on the target audience. Content materials and languages should be easy enough for the target group. For example, you should not include materials that only a graduate-level individual can understand if you focus on teenagers.

#2. Your content should achieve one or many goals. For example, highly engaging content can persuade the reader to buy a product from your website or subscribe to a newsletter. Social media targeted content should bring in likes, comments, subscriptions, and followers.

#3. You always need to speak for your brand. Thus, you need to craft a blog storyline or YouTube video that lets you add the brand’s name, products, or services organically.

#4. You need to cover maximum content distribution platforms like websites, press release (PR) websites, blog sites, YouTube videos, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.   

Various Types of Creative Content


Videos are the most engaging creative content in the current online content market. YouTube alone processes more than 500 hours of uploaded videos per minute. Then, there are Facebook reels, Instagram video posts, TikTok videos, etc. Video creators can focus on long or short content depending on the topic.


Images are easy to create, host, and affordable content to promote brand awareness, product, or service. The requirements for stock images are growing since website and video bloggers need a lot of images.

Stock image websites like Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash, etc., host millions of stock photos. Furthermore, cloud content creation tools like Vista Create reward freelance designers for creating templates, stock images, vector graphics, etc. 

Animated Content

Animated content is also becoming mainstream at a higher pace since producing animation has now become easy through online tools. Also, bloggers, brand marketers, video creators, and websites demand more quality animations as the audience likes the content.  


Podcasts are great sources of instant knowledge. The Podcast Index reports there are over 4 million podcast content, and the number grows every minute. Since you can simply listen to this content, you can do other productive stuff while consuming it. Furthermore, platforms like Discord and Clubhouse enable podcasters to monetize their content.    

Memes and GIFs

If you want content that will go viral quickly, you should try memes and GIFs. These visual elements let you quickly spread a message with some humor through social media. Since these come in smaller byte sizes, you can host them easily.

Let’s now look at some of the best content creation tools.


Canva is the one tool for all kinds of digital assets, either social media content creation or other mediums. It lets creators produce high-quality and unique content like presentations, social media posts, videos, printing products, marketing materials, work-related content, infographics, diagrams, wallpapers, etc.

It has a robust artboard with a lot of designing tools like image filtering, background remover, charts, vector elements, image resizer, shapes, etc. Hence, all you need to do is pick a template of your choice from its vast library and start editing. The tool also offers basic services for free, so it is the perfect tool for beginners.  


If you need a quality voice for your text and video content, you can try out MURF.AI. It is an AI tool that helps you create life-like voice-over content by utilizing speech-to-text technology. Hence, you get all audio content in one platform, whether you are a product developer, marketer, educator, author, animator, etc.

Apart from AI-based audio content, MURF.AI also offers other services like voice cloning, Google Slides add-on for voice-over presentation, audio transcription, e-learning narration, voice-over PPT, and voice changer.  


Piktochart is yet another trending social media content creation tool that lets you produce high-performing and engaging content for professional or personal needs. Like Canva, it also has a vast template for a limited number of content types. 

For example, you can effortlessly create infographics, posters, presentations, pitch decks, flyers, data reports, and social media vector graphics. Apart from static visuals, Piktochart also helps you with video production. Its video editor section includes essential tools like video cropper, video to text, screen recorder, and social media video maker. 


Creating engaging content gets you to the next phase, where you need to distribute it to the right audience. Here comes the Semrush tool for content distribution. Semrush also offers you effortless content production services for SEO content creation.

Therefore, if you are a busy digital marketer focusing on revenue growth, try Semrush. In one tool, you can research highly-performing content ideas and order ready-made content from professional creators. Once the content is in your hand, share it with the right audience in a single click. 

Frase AI

Blogs, articles, and press releases are the most affordable media for brand marketing. And then, you also need written texts for the help page, wiki, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and support section. How do you go about all that without affecting your core business? One of the best solutions is Frase.

This artificial intelligence (AI) tool assists you with SEO content creation via online research, writing, and content optimization. The best part of this platform is it gets you ready-to-use text content in minutes which would otherwise take days to obtain from an in-house content or freelance writer.

Some of the notable primary features of Frase AI are content briefs, scoring, editing, outline building, and sharing. But then, if you pay extra, you can get add-ons like AI writer, key phrase search volume checker, etc.     


Do you need an engaging animated video under 10 minutes for social media? You must try Animaker! It is the next-generation cloud-based animation tool that lets you create awesome videos, GIFs, and short videos in minutes, not days.

You can also edit your own video on Animaker in a flash. It offers video editing tools like cropping, resizing, clipping, transitioning, mirroring, etc.

Apart from the animated video production tool, it also serves as a video asset library. Therefore, you can effortlessly source graphical assets from its library without navigating to a third-party website or app.  


Social media content creation needs in-depth research, and Feedly can get this job done on your behalf. This paid platform helps you procure and track insights from the web without reading things manually.

You can enter your preferred topics, and Feedly will gather insights from blogs, news websites, Twitter, and newsletters. You can ask this tool to read the feeds and share the collected data with your colleagues as well.


Creating video content for social media is made easy with InVideo. This free online video editor lets you access iStock media and 5000+ customizable templates. Moreover, InVideo can convert text-based content to videos using 50+ AI-powered themes.

Using its extensive music library, filters, effects, stickers, fluid animations, and transitions—you can create stunning videos for any platform and share them with your team members.


Telbee is a free voice messaging app that can be used for podcasting and other purposes. You can utilize these tools to get online voice messages from anywhere or record yourself to share it among your followers as a podcast.

It also helps you build a personal relationship with the listeners by letting you add their voice messages to your podcast shows or social platforms. Also, Telbee can encourage them to share their podcasts easily.


If you are into podcasting, Buzzsprout is a free platform for you that supports podcast hosting. It offers you everything you need for successful podcasting, including robust tools and learning materials.

Using its podcasting directories, you will learn where to enlist your podcasts. The platform also has content creation tools to create, publish and promote your podcasts. You also get statistics on your episodes to understand their performance.

Final Words

You should have understood the content creation process so far by going through the article. Also, you have learned about popular content creation tools that you need to produce quality content with minimum effort. 

Depending on your content strategy and interests, you can use the tools mentioned above to bring success in your content creation career, digital marketing workflow, or blogging website monetization.