6 Best Secure Web Gateway Solutions for Small Businesses

Lillian Fletcher

As cyberattacks are increasing, numerous security options appear to stop working versus them. Not just industries however medium-sized and likewise little services are affected due to such dangers.

Information breaches, malware attacks, and other lethal cyberthreats are presenting higher threats to customers and services alike.

For that reason, carrying out a much better, advanced option that can fight such problems and prevent them is very important.

Protected web entrances are one such innovation.

In this short article, we will comprehend what SWG is, its abilities, and a few of the very best SWG options you can appreciate.

What Is a Secure Web Gateway (SWG)?

A Secure Web Gateway (SWG) is a cybersecurity option that safeguards information and systems and assists implement security policies in a business. It filters malware and damaging material from web traffic to stop information breaches and cyber-attacks and obstructs unapproved users.

An SWG makes sure the users gain access to just authorized and safe and secure websites while obstructing the rest. It features sophisticated security abilities to spot and limit destructive traffic. Some advanced SWG can likewise secure a company’s delicate information such as individual info, private files, copyright, and so on.

Features of SWG

Secure web gateway solutions usually contain technologies and features like: 

  • URL filtering 
  • Application control 
  • Anti-malware scanning and blocking
  • Content filtering
  • Data loss prevention (DLP)
  • SSL inspection
  • Social media prevention
  • Multiple protocol support
  • Integration with security solutions like zero-day solutions, anti-malware software, monitoring tools, etc.

How Does a Secure Web Gateway Work?

Protected web gateway services are set up as a hardware gadget or software application part at user endpoints or on a network’s edge. SWG options can be of various types:

  • Software-based SWG: It runs in the cloud as a SaaS-based application or on an organization’s premises.
  • SWG running on a proxy server: It can be a virtual machine (VM) running in the cloud or a physical server located at a place
  • SWG running as on-premise devices: It can be a hardware system connected to an organization’s IT infrastructure.

Regardless of how they are released or run, each kind of SWG operates in a comparable style. It serves as a gatekeeper and keeps an eye on web traffic for threats, harmful material, URLs, and so on. And all the outbound and inbound web traffic should travel through this gateway.

In order to separate great vs. bad traffic, it preserves a list of authorized and understood websites and allows traffic from those websites while obstructing all the others. When web traffic attempts leaving a company or going into’s network, this list is protected in the SWG service’s database and uses the filters.

For instance, when a user attempts to access a website, this demand initially goes to the SWG instead of straight reaching the targeted website. At this time, the gateway or SWG option examines this demand by inspecting it versus the accepted list and security policies. If it falls under the list and does not breach any security guideline, the SWG passes the demand just.

For outbound traffic, a comparable pattern is followed. The SWG in usage will check this demand versus its set of security guidelines and permitted list when somebody attempts accessing your network or website. If the demand appears genuine, the SWG will allow the traffic to pass; otherwise, it obstructs it right there so it can not reach your network or systems and penetrate your information. By doing this, the SWG assists secure your information, systems, network, and other digital assets.

Why do Businesses Need SWG?

Enterprises both little and huge require a safe and secure web gateway due to its innovative security abilities.

Typically, services utilized to run just on-premises systems utilizing simply the internal network. Today, business situation is altered. Now, individuals are working from anywhere utilizing any system, network, and gadget. Likewise, organizations are relying greatly on cloud calculation for services and services that can assist business increase and automate jobs performance, speed, and versatility.

Although these innovations have actually increased benefit and provided lots of advantages, cybersecurity dangers have actually broadened even more. Cyber enemies are discovering better and brand-new methods to penetrate your systems and take information and harm your track record and consumer trust.

For this reason, innovations like SWG are extremely beneficial for every single service type considering that nobody is safe nowadays, regardless of company size. SWG can be released and run anywhere and provide security all over. Here are the numerous advantages it can offer organizations with:

Detecting and Preventing Cyberthreats

Web traffic can bypass security services such as firewalls.

However an SWG service has abilities to discover possible hazards, harmful code, susceptible information, and so on, quickly that are ingrained in web material. An SWG by means of a poxy can keep track of total sessions thoroughly to discover offenses and damaging representatives.

SWG might consist of progressing attack signatures dynamically to increase its detection ability. It can likewise use the most recent web intelligence associating with endpoints, e-mails, records, files, and so on, to develop risk profiles. By doing this, it can supply well-rounded defense from cyber risks.

Exposing Harmful Encrypted Traffic

Protected sockets layer (SSL)-based web traffic is increasing, and a big quantity of this information is not normally examined for risks and policy offenses. Nevertheless, enemies can utilize file encryption to conceal malware and release their hazardous intent.

SWG options feature an SSL assessment function to keep track of and obstruct hazardous code secured in web traffic. By doing this, you get remarkable defense.

Better Security Control

You can envision and manage your traffic much better utilizing an SWG service considering that it has actually advanced abilities. It can log occasions continually and keep track of all the activity taking place in your network.

This assists you get exceptional control and defense over your network. In addition, if you have a remote labor force with professionals and workers working from any part of the world, SWG will be advantageous considering that you can release it anywhere.

Maintaining Compliance

Data personal privacy is a huge issue due to increased cybersecurity concerns like information breaches. There are likewise individuals that offer individual info illegitimately to other celebrations for their monetary gains. All these posture hazardous effect on individuals and companies due to their exposed information. Utilizing SWG, you can secure your information as it keeps an eye on web traffic 24/7 and avoids dangers.

Maximizing security ROI

You can incorporate SWG options with other security options such as tracking tools, anti-malware software application, and so on. It likewise extends throughout environments from on-premise to cloud. For this reason, you can use your existing security tools in mix with an SWG service. It will assist you optimize your security financial investments.

So, if you are searching for the very best safe web gateway option, here are a few of our suggestions.


Get AI-powered security for each application, user, and place with Zscaler safe web gateway. It uses SaaS-based security service with quick web and safe gain access to with the world’s most popular cloud-native Security Service Edge (SSE) platform.

Experience a remarkable technique to network security with Zscaler and begin utilizing it from now to protect your gateway. Enable your security policies to take a trip all over in addition to the users by moving your security to the cloud. This will safeguard all your applications, areas, users, and gadgets 24/7.

Zscaler makes sure a quick and smooth user experience by removing backhauling, streamlining network administration, enhancing efficiency, and more. In addition, it carries out in-line examination of every web traffic, such as SSL decryption to stop sophisticated attacks, zero-day malware, and ransomware.

Your workers will get quick and protected application gain access to from anywhere around the world. It will likewise assist you move your security from tradition network to zero trust architecture to secure your service from cyberthreats.

Zscaler is eager to offer the most holistic info defense service. In addition, it will assist you improve your facilities security to remain on the top. It is offered in easy editions specifically prepared according to your requirements.

Zscaler can remove lateral motion and minimize attack surface areas with remarkable information and cyber risk security. Release the cloud service together with absolutely no facilities to begin utilizing the security within 24 hr.

Cisco Umbrella

Experience the cloud-based secure web gateway with much better exposure for your service and get advanced defense with Cisco Umbrella. According to Radicati Market Quadrants, Cisco is a leading gamer for web security.

Cisco’s Umbrella SWG provides much better openness, security, and control over your security, and is excellent for companies searching for a more multi-use and effective security option. You get proxy abilities to improve efficiency while lessening dangers through managing, checking, and logging web traffic.

Umbrella supplies a vast array of web security functions in one location, without needing different options for each. It provides total exposure on every anti-virus, malware defense, web traffic, decryption, material control, granular app activity controls, and sandboxing in an uncomplicated interface.

Moreover, you will get a versatile, effective, and constant cloud-based security for every single place, streamlining management, occurrence examination, and more from a single console. This will conserve your money and time.


Make the web a safe place for users to access it from anywhere through Forcepoint’s Secure Web Gateway. It can stop innovative hazards that are concealed in your vibrant web material. With in-line security scanning and complete material evaluation, it helps in reducing threat and secure the web versus malware.

Facepoint provides CASB, NGFW, DLP with versatile redirection and connection. Direct Connect enables changing in between in-line proxy enforcement mode, secondary enforcement mode, regional enforcement mode, and the default. You will get cloud, hybrid, and on-premises architectures so that you can release it anywhere at your own rate.

Forcepoint Secure Web Gateway can keep your users safe from harmful dangers, such as zero-day risks, with remote browser seclusion, deep material examination, and hazard intelligence. Its Web DLP module offers DLP engine to protect information exfiltration over the web.

All the security policies can be implemented regularly for every single user at any time whether at work, taking a trip, or in your home. It partners with Tier 1 networks for much better and quicker connection. You will likewise have the versatility of releasing this option when, where, and nevertheless you desire.


Get the next-generation safe and secure web gateway for your organization with McAfee. It is a cloud-native web security option that provides security and links your labor force with any application and gadget from anywhere.

McAfee uses a special experience of dispersed labor force and efficiency. You will get the most innovative security from the current information and cloud hazards. It likewise comes at an economical cost to assist you improve security with scalability and dependability however without investing a fortune.

Keep your labor force working from another location with no problems with the help of McAfee Hyperscale Service Edge, which works on a cloud material and warranties 99.999% uptime. Link your users to the service edge and develop a structure of a SASE architecture.

There will be no danger of information loss considering that McAfee enters into action. Now, you do not require to be concern when users go to cloud applications or sites. McAfee presents multi-layer security to prevent zero-day hazards. It will avoid harmful code from reaching your gadget by using RBI innovation.

McAfee SWG is combined with SD-WAN to provide the world’s finest defense and offer the fastest path to SASE implementations. Take your next action with McAfee now and protect your business.


Do not permit any web risks to assault your network; obstruct them prior to they can enter your network with Avast Secure Web Gateway. It makes network traffic security simple and easy without on-premise devices and extra proxy servers.

Safeguard your company and clients from the risk floods by filtering web traffic regularly and getting rid of malware. It is simple to release and permits you to handle the option throughout numerous areas.

Avast directs all the gadgets instantly to the nearby information centers for ultra-fast connections. It functions as an alert security personnel by reporting, processing, and observing numerous demands every day. The minute it identifies an unapproved address, it quickly begins examining dangers.

It can classify hazards according to the threat aspect into lots of choices so that you can get consistent updates of the whole security network. Avast presents CloudCare for you so that you can utilize cybersecurity services with ease. It can keep an eye on all the hazards from a single control panel and solve concerns from another location from any gadget with the totally free assistance tool.


Protect your company’s network from undesirable web attacks with Kaspersky Security. While everybody depends upon the web for their work and chooses working from another location, It assists you protect your applications, information, and network so everybody can work securely, from on-premiese to remote.

Kaspersky uses security versus almost all web hazards, such as ransomware, miners, phishing, and malware. It helps in reducing threats and increase your efficiency by handling web use. Kaspersky likewise offers multi-layered risk security that integrates artificial intelligence and analysis with international risk intelligence to blocklist hazards and avoid attacks.

Kaspersky can decrease the danger of phishing through deep knowing and reputational information around the world. It limits particular websites and classifications and obstructs the access to traffic from some applications in order to minimize the danger of user interruption. You will likewise get an all-in-one or standalone, ready-to-use home appliance for fast and problem-free implementation.

Additionally, it obstructs some content transmission to remove the dangers of infection and keep information security. Whether you are a business, telecoms, retail, federal government, energy, oil, or gas business, Kaspersky is ready to serve you well.