8 Image Processing and Optimization APIs

Lillian Fletcher

Image processing and optimization APIs help maximize your storage space and improve your website’s SEO. 

By compressing the file size and changing the dimensions of site images, you can experience a faster loading speed of the images in your websites or applications.

So, have you ever tried using image processing and optimization APIs for your images before uploading them online?

If yes, you will know how useful this is. But if you haven’t, try it some time.

Now, a question might arise in your mind – what if the quality of the image goes down due to optimization?

Let me answer this. 

When you send an API request through any tool for optimizing your image, you must get a response in a while. The response consists of the same image but with small file size and according to your desired resolution. 

The API tool automates the whole image processing and optimization work to provide you with the best result possible. 

If your application or website is slowing down due to large KBs of images, this technique can help you.

Let’s understand what image processing and optimization API is and how it can help your business.

What is an API?

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a platform where two applications communicate with each other. It is a collection of modern technologies that helps exchange data and functionality between multiple third-party businesses, developers, internal departments, and applications. 

The three words in the API define everything:

  • Application refers to various applications or software with a separate function
  • Programming refers to the way of communication, i.e., a developer can programmatically send requests and get responses.
  • Interface refers to the system where this process of sending and requesting information happens programmatically. 

For example, humans express their thoughts, ideas, and needs through a language, either written or spoken, facial expressions, or gestures, to communicate with someone.

When humans want to communicate with a computer or system, they require user interface components like a screen, a menu, and graphical components like a mouse and keyboard. Similarly, two software or elements communicate through machine-readable interfaces, called APIs. 

Why are APIs Important?

API is a vital solution for businesses in today’s technologically advanced world. They allow one system to use the capabilities of another system. This way, you can grow your business with improved SEO, security, control, and privacy. Here are the benefits of using APIs:

Huge Time Saver

Do you log in to an application using your Facebook or Google account?

Well, this happens through an API.

This way, you skip the registration part of that application with your Facebook information or Google account. It saves your time and allows you to use the application instantly. 

Application Quality

Everyone knows Uber, a ride-sharing application.

How does it work?

Simple, Uber has built its application on the foundation of APIs. It connects to Twilio and Google Maps to give you access to the message and use the map for booking a ride. Uber uses the functionalities of third-party applications via APIs to give you a quality service. Like Uber, other companies like food delivery platforms also use API to serve you well. 

Help Businesses

APIs allow your business, whether a startup or an enterprise, to focus on the core competencies. Teams can access their tasks through an API and work on them easily. It helps them save time and effort on switching between different tools. Instead, they can use just one app and access others to accelerate workflow and grow the business fast. 

I hope you get better clarity on the usefulness of an API. Now, let’s get to the important point – what image optimization is. 

What is an Image Processing and Optimization API?

An image processing and optimization API allows you to convert the format of any type of image and optimize them for its size and other factors. For example, you can convert an image in JPG into PNG or reduce a bigger image to a smaller one.

The work is straightforward. You only need to upload the image, define your parameters and wait for the magic to happen. The tool used for conversion or optimization will get back to you with the response you wished for without sacrificing quality and other factors like color, blur, dark, brightness, etc. 

What is the Purpose of Using Image Optimization API?

An image processing and optimization API offers a set of functions and tools to manipulate or change an image programmatically to use in your application or website for better SEO performance. It lets you modify any image, such as cropping, resizing, changing the format, and more. You can also modify the image dimension as per your requirement without compromising the quality of the image. An image optimization API offers many benefits in terms of user experience, economics, and technicalities.

Smaller images load faster, resulting in a fantastic experience for users. Since a smaller-sized image file takes less storage, you can save more space. This helps reduce your costs of buying extra storage. In addition, an image optimization API ensures the flawless look of the images on any device, including mobile, tablets, laptops, and desktops. As a result, the web performance will enhance, and so will the SEO. 

Next, let’s talk about some of the best image processing and optimization APIs.

Abstract API

Manage all your images programmatically with Abstract API – a powerful and easy-to-use platform to easily modify your pictures, such as converting them, compressing, resizing, cropping, and more. It is built with excellent documentation, multiple libraries, and tutorials to help developers easily integrate it with applications.

You can use its API at scale and blazing speeds and benefit from its excellent technical support and greater uptime to stand on top of everything. Abstract’s fundamental features allow you to perform modifications quickly and accelerate workflow faster regardless of what you are building and from where.

This image processing and optimization API allows you to manage and make changes to the images programmatically. It never lets you compromise on image quality and other factors while giving you an effortless platform to maintain everything with ease.

Furthermore, Abstract’s robust compression API lets you reduce the image size without sacrificing the quality. Its infrastructure is built for faster speed and to enable quality image processing and optimization. 

Abstract API helps you export your processed image into various cloud providers, including Azure, AWS S3, and more. This way, you can speed up your application and site, from loading times to conversions, in order to improve SEO performance.

Secure all your sent and processed data with 256-bit SSL Encryption. Try Abstract for free and get 100 MB/month.


Get a simple yet powerful image processing and optimization API with imgix. It intelligently transforms, optimizes, and caches the entire image library using robust URL parameters for fast apps and websites. 

With imgix, you can create your own image world without any constraints via the creative service. You will also get more than 100 real-time image operations along with CMS plugins and client libraries for easy integrations with the product. 

imgix serves optimized images to each device quickly and easily with a worldwide CDN. It provides you with an end-to-end solution for your image optimization and lets you manage your cloud storage images with browse, sort, organize, and search options. 

Resize, enhance, and crop your images while maintaining quality with URL parameters. Get automated image compression to eliminate unnecessary bytes and let your customers see the images quickly with imgix’s caching and CDN.

You can transform your cloud into a useful and sophisticated platform to see what your optimized images can do for your business. imgix gives you many key benefits, including visual browsing and search, ML-powered auto-tagging, and customizable fields to organize your images. 

Unlock the unlimited possibilities for free or choose the best plan starting at $75/month. Take the free trial of the paid plans to understand it better. In every plan, you will get global image delivery, robust image rendering, smooth integration, and dynamic image management. 


Create awesome and fast media experiences with Cloudinary widgets, SDKs, and APIs. If you seek rich media on your applications and websites, Cloudinary API is the best solution available to attract more users and offer a better user experience. 

Cloudinary eliminates the manual work of creating various asset versions with an engaging media experience. This way, developers and creative professionals can save time and effort and perhaps prevent human errors. 

Cloudinary makes storing images easy with its easy-to-use interface to transform, optimize, and deliver your images. You can perform image processing and optimization correctly without any glitches to optimize your site and apps and gain more audiences.

Edit and personalize your images with effects, overlays, resizing, colors, shapes, and more. You will also get powerful image management and editing capabilities, which also includes AI-based cropping. In addition, it automatically optimizes image formats, sizes, delivery time, and quality to reduce your app’s page load time. 

Get multiple resources to do your job properly. Sign up for free and get 25 monthly credits. For enterprises, it comes with enhanced security, services, features, and support. 


Allow Kraken.io to optimize, process your images and accelerate your websites. It is a fast and powerful image compressor and optimizer with best-in-class algorithms that can help you save storage space and bandwidth to improve your website’s and app’s load times. 

Whether you are a designer, a WordPress user, a Developer, or an Adobe Commerce user, you can use this image optimization for your content. You can even delete the original image after optimizing and compressing it with Kraken.io. It never sacrifices the original quality of the image but gives you a smaller image size to save space.

With Kraken.io’s easy-to-use, fully-featured, and robust API, you can resize and optimize your images within your site or applications. Speed up your image processing with Kraken.io’s official plugins and use its API that handles multiple requests every day without compromising quality and other factors. 

Kraken.io API never lets you worry about security as it offers the latest features, such as SSL for secured connections. Kraken.io supports PNG, GIF, SVG, and JPEG images. You have two ways to optimize your images:

  • By providing your image URL, or
  • Directly uploading the file to Kraken.io API

Get 100 MB of testing quota for the plan you choose to use for free at the beginning. Paid plans start at $5/month. In each plan, you will find full API access, cloud storage option, and more. 

ImageOptim API

Make your website or app page load faster by optimizing and processing your images with ImageOptim API. It lets you easily resize, crop, and optimize images on the server to compress them to a smaller size so that they can take less space.

ImageOptim API allows you to save bandwidth and enhance your user experience. Thus, using beautiful images without bogging down your app is not a dream anymore. ImageOptim API makes this real for you with its awesome features. 

Create responsive thumbnails and images easily with high-quality compression and resampling tuned for mobile and desktop resolutions. This cutting-edge technology serves you well and lets you integrate your app with ImageOptim without installing any software.

Ensure a competitive website performance and high-quality images even for mobile users. You will get clean, user-uploaded images with ImageOptim API and speed to enhance user engagement and achieve higher conversions and improved SEO.

The API removes the private metadata and transforms images to sizes and formats optimized for the web. Create image variants easily for <picture> and srcset markup. Using the API, you can easily automate the generation of various variants of images for optimal fit on every device. 

Start with $12/month that includes 2000 optimization every month, best-in-class security, and control.


Generate high-quality images for eCommerce, social media, and other platforms automatically via Bannerbear API or no-code tools. Get the template editor to create a reusable template and make yourself ready for marketing visuals.

Modify every image and text in the template via API and make a request using the Bannerbear API endpoint. It offers optimized and processed images in a matter of time without extra effort. 

Bannerbear offers you a demo interface so that you can see how it can modify your image file size without affecting your original quality. You can also try the API console to send the test request. Say goodbye to your tedious tasks and welcome Bannerbear API to your site or application to see the magic. 

Bannerbear API is set to provide useful integrations and plugins to enhance your image processing and optimizing range. Get power-packed features, such as full customization, auto-resizing, artificial intelligence, multilingual, API, webhooks, collaboration, and async/sync.

Start your free trial today with 30 API credits and experience the new world. 

Imagga’s API

Build the next-gen image recognition application for your business with Imagga’s API. It is an all-in-one image processing and optimization solution that offers customizable and cutting-edge technology to empower your apps in a single place with its intelligent API. 

Assign tags to your image automatically with its machine learning technology. With visual search, facial recognition, custom training, categorization, cropping, color, and NSFW options, you will stay on the top using high-quality images with less size. 

Imagga’s API is used by over 30k developers, students, and startups. It is a global innovator and pioneer in image processing and optimization as a service space. You will get many benefits from this API, and the most common one is the faster image loading time. 

Register yourself with Imagga and start building your application with its API within minutes. Get the free API key to begin with. 


FreeConvert is an online image file converter that easily converts large file sizes into smaller file sizes and from one format to another. Choose your image files from your device, Dropbox, Google Drive, or URL, and allow FreeConvert to convert them instantly with its API. 

Send API requests easily and get the response of converted, merged, and optimized images instantly. You will get an API key that shows your authentication towards using the service. You can also view and manage your API key from the user dashboard. 

All the API requests are made over HTTPS so that your request never fails. You won’t need any extra software to install. Simply drag and drop the image files. Plus, you can control the output file with FreeConvert’s advanced options, including set image dimensions, format, and compression level.

FreeConvert API lets you create a task and handle the result. With FreeConvert’s easy-to-use API, you can convert any file that supports over 1500 image file conversions, works anywhere across the globe, and guarantees your privacy. It works on Mac, Linux, Windows, and any mobile device and supports all major browsers. 

Convert more for less with blazing fast speeds. API subscription starts at $10.95/month for 1500 conversion minutes/month, unlimited conversions, dedicated support, and 4 hours of processing time for every file. 


APIs are helpful for businesses and developers alike. These innovative interfaces help organizations automate their workflow by accessing different applications through APIs with minimal effort.

Thus, choose from the image processing and optimization tools mentioned above depending on your requirements. It will save your time and effort and improve your website’s or application’s SEO with quality images that consume less storage space.