Free Email Hosting on Custom Domain

Lillian Fletcher

A custom domain email is essential for ensuring your target audience can easily communicate with you, regardless of where your website is hosted.

If your web hosting package does not include email hosting, utilizing a free random domain email address on your contact page might reflect poorly on you and your company. Customers and other company owners are suspicious of emails sent from a generic email address. A free custom domain email address makes your company appear more professional and credible.

Why is a custom domain email good for you?

A free custom domain email shows your own identity in your business and communications. Other than that, there are plenty of other benefits such too, such as:

  • Brand Visibility: When anyone looks into your email address, they quickly find your work by looking at your domain name. This makes it easy for them to contact you and know your work.
  • Brand Marketing: There are many ways to market your business in today’s digital world. But in all of those ways, a custom email address is the simplest way to promote your business to your potential customers.  
  • Consistency: With your continuous work, your workforce grows, and then you can update your custom email address and create consistent group addresses for all the employees. Due to this, a professional and formal environment can be created among the employees of your office or business.
    E.g., [email protected]
  • Credibility: Imagine that you are running a multimillion business. When you send any promotional offer or any other updates through the domain of Google or Yahoo, how unprofessional will it look? Most of your customers treat that as spam mail because almost every running business possesses a custom domain email.

Benefits of Custom Domain Email

  • It gives your email a unique and standard identity so that the person who wants to reach you can easily reach and contact you.
  • If you have a small business and no one knows about it, a custom domain email helps you grow your business and make it a brand.
  • It improves your business’s credibility so that everyone can trust your brand.
  • It helps to increase brand awareness.
  • Swapping your one email with a free custom domain email shows your customers that you are serious about your brand and working hard on it.
  • You can easily switch your old email into a new domain email without creating an entirely new account.

Custom domain email helps you grow and increase brand visibility too. Ultimately, this will help your business grow more in terms of both customer base and revenue.

There is no limit to adding a domain name with your custom emails. This custom domain email brings so many advantages to your business and company. You should understand that every such precious thing comes at a fair price, so you should try out customized domain email. If you are looking for the free ones, you have to be ready to miss out on some essential features.

Now, let us explore some of the best custom domain email offering platforms.


Zoho Mail has to come in first on the entire list because of its excellent email hosting services. Yes, there is a forever-free plan with up to five users, 5 GB of storage per user, and a 25 MB attachment restriction. The only downside of the free email hosting plan is that it only allows online customer access. You need to use Zoho Mail’s webmail client. You cannot connect it to your preferred client, such as Gmail.

The free plan is enough for most people and is absolutely free of annoying advertisements. A layperson may also easily set up the system because of its easy-to-use user interface.

Users may utilize the web interface to easily access their emails, even if they are using public computers. Similarly, mobile applications allow you to converse with ease using your smartphone. The administration dashboard provides several choices for configuring policies, rules, and filters to control user and email traffic management.


ImprovMX is free for up to one domain with a maximum of 25 aliases per domain. It is an ideal choice for smaller businesses. Later on, you have to point your MX records and route anything from one field to whatever email address you desire. Compared to Zoho, its processing time is significantly less, so most small entrepreneurs select ImprovMX over other options. 

There are a couple of free plan limitations, such as you have a standard delivery speed option only. Then talking about customer support, if you are using the free account, you can only mail your query, and their typical reply back period is 2-3 days which sometimes can be bothering.

You cannot send any mail using the SMTP service, and you only have a 10 MB file attachment limit in case of a free account. The premium account options start at $9 per month.

Yandex Mail

Yandex is a Russian internet search engine firm that was founded in 1997. Today, the firm has 18 locations worldwide and offers over 70 services, including Yandex Mail. It is ideal for anyone who wants to set up an email hosting server with their domain name. It is not only quick and versatile, but it is also less expensive than other service providers.

Yandex offers 1,000 mailboxes with 10 GB of storage capacity in their free version. You may also use collaborative tools such as Yandex Telemost, Messenger, Calendar, Notes, and Documents. Overall, Yandex has been in business for decades and has earned a solid reputation. Its reputation is so good that, according to some Reddit reviews, its browser and other services outperform Google’s.


Although GMX is not as well-known as the other free email services mentioned above, it nevertheless meets all of your primary email needs. GMX’s 65 GB of storage space is one of the most appealing features. Users may create up to ten email accounts with a mail collector, address book, organizer, and file storage for each one. 

The size of your uploads is limited to 50 MB. You may use the in-house cloud to deliver bigger files. A total of 2 GB of storage space is accessible to you. Users may save up to half a million emails because of the substantial storage limitations, and GMX offers a variety of customized filters that let you automatically delete spam and organize messages.

An alternative to the available free option

You can use the services mentioned above at the beginning of your start-up journey. But if you can upgrade to the paid version in place of free custom domain email, then Google Workspace or G-Suite is the best available option in the market. The primary Business Starter subscription starts at roughly $6 per user per month, and there’s 24/7 assistance available to assist you with any concerns with deliverability. 

Moreover, it gives you guaranteed 99.99% uptime which is the best in the market. It matters when you deal with thousands of customers. It also comes with inbuilt virus protection, and it can also help you collaborate your account with Outlook, Apple, and Thunderbird.


Before you start your business, instead of making a public domain, you should make a custom domain because it helps you grow your business and make it a trustworthy brand. When it makes a brand, everyone should know about it.

Any free custom domain email provides a proper address of your business so that everyone reaches you without any confusion. It provides you with adequate and complete security so that your information stays safe and does not get exposed.