Top 5 User Anthenticaton Platforms

Lillian Fletcher

User authentication is an effective method to supply rightful access to your digital residential or commercial properties like your site or application. And it certainly contributes to the security and a personalized user experience.

When implementing this, a typical business owner often faces this roadblock:

Why 3rd-Party User Authentication?

You most likely do not require a 3rd-party option if you’re a huge business with the essential facilities to guarantee data security and compliance.

But it’s quite the opposite if:

  • This isn’t your domain of expertise.
  • You’re a startup or simply can’t bear the financial overhead.
  • You can’t ensure the proper data management and security.
  • A data breach can break your organization.

So, don’t make pizza if you aren’t Dominos. Chances are you’ll spoil it.

However considering that user data is a lot more severe than squandering a pepperoni pizza, let’s take a look at some user authentication platforms. And while a typical company individual will straightaway run towards Auth0 or Firebase, there are others also.


STYTCH is a strong advocate of password-less authentication. It is concentrated on enhancing user experience and cutting designer headaches by doing simply that.

Password-less authentication is extremely comparable to utilizing Slack. They permit 3rd-party logins or send out an e-mail link for authentication however never ever utilize passwords. STYTCH calls them magic links.

You can utilize their SDKs for fast implementation or direct API to utilize the authentication technique of your option. There are numerous methods offered such as social logins, SMS/WhatsApp/Email passcodes, e-mail magic links, TOTP apps, and so on.

STYTCH has versatile rates that changes based on your active user base. And there is a complimentary USD 100 worth of credits as the welcome plan.


Ory brings total user experience control with its headless user authentication management.
If you plan to utilize a customized domain, there is a complimentary tier and a cloud one. Besides, Ory lets you produce custom-made identity schemas to construct tailored user authentication/registration online forums.

It likewise supports structure single-page applications utilizing React, Next.js, Gatsby, and AngularJS. With Ory, designers can confirm the system and check without requiring to code.

Ory emerges as a total authentication and permission platform with identity & consent management. It is a zero-trust network that works with OAuth2 and OpenID Connect.

Ory likewise features FIDO 2 suitable two-factor authentication (2FA) and a command-line developer-friendly user interface. Lastly, you can begin with a free-forever strategy and upgrade if requirement be.


Supabase calls itself an open-source Firebase option.
Comparable to STYTCH, Supabase has several methods to take in your users. You can utilize the traditional e-mail & password, magic links, social or phone logins. In addition, you can incorporate 3rd-party authentication procedures like OAuth with a couple of clicks.

Powered with respond libraries, you can rapidly begin with Supabase’s pre-build auth widgets. Besides, you can incorporate Supabase with REST and real-time APIs with assistance for GraphQL can be found in future updates.

Supabase likewise has user management and permission systems to execute granular gain access to guidelines.

And eventually, Supabase has a complimentary, paid, and pay-as-you-go membership strategy matching all possible usage cases.


Okta is once again a flagbearer of password-less security. Nevertheless, you can request the greatest passwords with Okta too.

In addition to tweaking password requirements, you can likewise make it possible for multi-factor authentication (MFA). Additionally, one can establish Okta’s cloud authentication and let the users check in by means of biometrics or push notices.

Besides, you get a real-time Syslog with sophisticated searches to recognize problems for immediate troubleshooting.

Okta offers value to progressive profiling, which indicates minimum in advance details at registrations. The goal is to lessen user hassle, increase registrations, and slowly finish the user profile.

Okta enables outstanding API security by incorporating identity procedures like OAuth. And you will have a single point for all API permission policies to incorporate security and advancement.

And lastly, it allows simple B2B combinations with security structures such as OpenID Connect and SAML in addition to tradition assistance for turnkey Active Directory & LDAP combination.


PingIdentity is formed as a smart main authentication module for all your cloud, internal, and SaaS applications.

This lets you release adaptive authentication based upon user habits and danger evaluation.

It gains from numerous authentication sources at the same time to change for particular security policies according to the application.

This likewise has assistance for MFA and varied authentication guidelines. In addition, PingIdentity allows for IdP- and SP-initiated SSO. Besides, you can allow SSO for APIs, Mobiles & SaaS applications.

And you can quickly incorporate it with 3rd-party applications like Office 365, G Suite, Atlassian tools, and so on.